Aspects technique de l'Adobio



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the Love-Shack N°2

technical aspects



inside diameter:4m (13,1 ft)

outside diameter:6m (19,7 ft)

maximum height: 2m20 (7,2 ft)

Price: 36000 USD


Walls:clay and straw(cob) covered with a first insulated thick plaster and a top clay coating, waxed.


Roofing: to prevent any degradation from rain, the roof is made of a rubber layer that may last more than a 100 years, because cover with grass.


Inside: to make it the nicest, the inside plasters are immaculate; A chimney is made in clay and sand following the count Rumford recipes. Some little shelves are placed here and there to allow some candles to stand. A chest will ideally be the main furniture.


Floor: Ideally the floor stay natural so some flowers could grow, just covered with broom to avoid moisture, and ferns as a bug repulsive. Nice carpets, blankets, will make a comfortable support for cushions and mattress.


Environment: A flat place is better but a small slope is not a problem.We need at least a circle of 8 meters, plus an area to store and work with the cob and wood, at least 5x5m. Trees around will provide leaves for the vegetal roof,  shadow may be good too, and it is always more charming!


Maintenance: the only maintenance concerns the roof that needs enough water to be green and pretty, especially if you decide to see flowers blooming on your house! The inside walls could also be rewaxed every 10 years for a better shininess.


What is the best season to build my Clay Love-shack? It will depend the region you want to build , the sun helps the work better than the rain. So summer time is the best season, but spring and fall are ok too! A minimum of 10°C is also required.


How long does it last? As soon as the roof stay in a good shape which is warranted for 40 years, the clay walls could last for centuries.


How many persons can stay inside? That Love-shack is designed for a couple or a family with small children. It is also the perfect place to tell stories to a sitting public of 6 to 10 persons or even more if they are kids!


Can I help building my tiny house? Yes! That very interesting option allow to decrease the price as it become a workshop: with family or your friends, we build together your little clay-house under my supervision; user-friendly, cheaper we build a beautiful shelter that you will be so proud of!


What is the building duration? One month and a half.


What location is the best? Your garden, your park, in the forest or in more desert places, we don't need electricity, just water and a car access; We favor the awesome landscapes.


Electricity, Wifi? Love-Shacks can be electrified, but we'd prefer to keep that place on a very low level of energy to give the clay and the earth contact the chance to express its own energy, subtle and deep. Solar panels can be a better option to light leds and recharge phones...


Price: count 26000 USD in a regular situation that means with no extra complications.

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